Friday, September 6, 2013


"Quoi maintenant?!"

Well it's been probably the weirdest week of my mission! Really great highs and really lame lows. But the work is progressing!

I don't even remember anyone's birthdays. The last one I remember is Aunt Katie's and Malcolm's. Which I mentioned a couple e-mails ago. So I'm sorry everyone, the only birthday I can remember anymore is Joseph Smith's!

Quote of the week:
Elder Waldie--while at the church yesterday: "Sister Lois... you look like.... Ahh, what's his name? Elder Thunot, who's that high hippie man?"


4 weeks ago, Sister Nelson and I were in a lesson with a recent convert who said, "Well now that it's August it'll be getting cold soon." And I laughed. Her. To. Scorn. Not really, but I thought it was ridiculous. And now it's been raining for like a week straight and it's freezing cold and this week I finally gave in and bought winter clothes today. My life is hard.

This week I taught two lessons partially en francais! Actually the French was only like 2 words per lesson.... But we have investigators who speak English as their third language, French as their second! Which is really awesome! Last night we had a lesson with them and I could NOT explain what I wanted to say in English. I could only think of it in French. So things are progressing, and I can actually bear my testimony in French now!
Gah, this is the shortest time ever. This is gonna have to be a short e-mail. But I love everyone!

Soeur Lewis

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