Thursday, August 29, 2013

I! Love! Cake banana!

Well hey family!!!

 WE GOT A THIRD ELDER THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Thunot! We were in the MTC together. He is from Tahiti. He speaks French fluently. He doesn't speak a lot of English. He rolls his Rs (just like everyone else here). He's SO great, so funny. We get a fourth Elder in 2 weeks!!! 8 MISSIONARIES IN MONCTON! And by January, we should have 56 Sisters in the mission!!!!!!! Right now we have 21. BRING. IT. ON.

Quotes of the week:

 1. Sister Nelson: "Oh! The license plate on our car says FER! We should name our car 'Fern'."
Me: "Oh! Like Harry Potter?" (silence. she gives me a weird look) "Oh, wait, nevermind, that's the fawn."
Sister Nelson: "Ohhhhh. Oh yeah."
(I don't even know).

 2. Elder Thunot--after eating a slice of REALLY GOOD banana cake Sister Call makes us sometimes: "Sister Call! I! LOVE! CAKE BANANA!"

3. We, the Elders, and the Calls were discussing Matthew 16:18 together.
Me: "And if you look at the footnote, it's a play on words."
Elder Woodbury: "Ha! No way! One of the ways I'm a representative of Christ is using puns too!"
Sister Nelson: "And it also says that in Greek, petra is bedrock."
Sister Call: "Ah! So bedrock is actually a foundation. How neat."
Elder Call: "And Christ was actually teaching at a place called Petra here, which is carved into the rock face. So it's a pun of a pun of a pun."
Elder Waldie: "Ba! Dum! CCCHHOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

It was a discouraging and gratifying week. Worked REALLY hard, and I'm exhausted. I definitely needed this P-day.

Apparenlty my updates aren't good enough for people! So I'll go in depth for a minute:)

Samantha* and Linda* are having a rough time making it to baptism. Whenever I talk to Samantha, I ask her how big her tree is--she loves the analogy of the mustard seed. It is slowly but surely getting bigger, it's just taking some time to grow into the tree she wants!
Let me explain to you what yesterday was like at church, and maybe you can get a good idea of what Sundays are like for me!!

 The Calls and Elder Waldie were in Fredericton for the concert. So there were only 4 missionaries in church. I was the only pianist in church. So before church, we got there early to set up French translation, then passed out translation equipment while trying to mingle with the members. We rushed into the chapel so I could start prelude music. I played the opening song. Sister Nelson gave the opening prayer. I played the sacrament hymn. Both Sister Nelson and Elder Thunot spoke. I played the rest hymn. I played the closing hymn. Elder Thunot gave the closing prayer. I played postlude music. Then we rushed to put away the translation equipment. Then made sure Samantha got to the right class. I rushed to gospel principles and played the piano in there (but at least I didn't have to teach this week!). Then I stayed to play the opening song in relief society, and played their article of faith song too, then ran over to primary to play their opening song and do singing time. Combine that with several investigators in church that we didn't get to talk to and inactives who haven't come to church in years showing up for the first time, plus a scary fall and a mishap in sacrament meeting, and it was a crazy week!

I'm actually really out of e-mail time this week but maybe I'll have a second to send a couple pictures. Have a great week everyone!!! Love you!!!!! It's a great day to be a missionary.

Sœur Lewis

We went to Magnetic Hill and the zoo with Elders last week!

Sister Nelson and I were talking one night and she started dying laughing because I looked like a sack of potatoes in bed, so she took this picture.

We went on exchanges in Fredericton with Sister Rust and Sister Sandberg this week, and they have a GORGEOUS church there. Not an LDS one, sadly enough:)

I ate a peach and no one even made peach jokes.

Ice cream with the Elders.
They also bought us 2L of chocolate ice cream because they knew we were a little discouraged.

I had poutine for the first time!!! And my stomach paid for it.

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