Monday, August 12, 2013

(12 August 2013)

Hey everyone!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALCOLM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how old you're gettin, buddy!!! I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember when you were born, and I didn't think you would be cute. I WAS SO WRONG.

Quotes of the week:

1. We were in bed last night. We had turned out the lights and finished praying, then we were getting under the covers. Suddenly I heard this giant wrapper noise and heard Sister Nelson opening a bag of chips in the dark!
Me: "Sister Nelson, are you eating chips?!"
Sister Nelson: "Yes, I'm eating."
Me: (cracking up) "What the heck!!! You can't do that at 10:30!"
Sister Nelson: "I'm putting the wipes back! I'm not eating chips, you psycho!"

2. We had Elder Woodbury's backpack for some reason, so we met them at Superstore and passed it off to them in the parking lot. I leaned over to tell Sister Nelson something.

Elder Woodbury: "HEY! Sister Lewis! Secrets don't make friends. Gossiping Sisters go to HALifax."
This was an amazing week! Saturday night we had the concert, which had a HUGE turn-out! 152 people came total, and 60 of them were members! YES!!!!! It was amazing, and the ward is so inspired for missionary work. THE WORK IS PROGRESSING:)

Well the Elders are kicking us off the computers so I gotta go. Sorry it was such a lame e-mail this week.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love love love,

Sister Lewis

Really blurry picture of the two wackos in Riverview.

RUE LEWIS:) I've been wanting a picture in front of this since day 1!!!

I GOT THE PACKAGE!!!!! You guys are the best! I was so excited and love it all!! Christmas in August:)

..."Elder Icy Hot"? Funny, guys.....

Sigh. Your senses of humor have gone down the drain since I left.

This week the traveling music fireside came to the Moncton ward!!! It was an amazing turn-out. This is me and Sister Broadhead, who is in Halifax right now. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. We had a bonding, cuddling moment that morning in the grass in front of my apartment.
I LOVE THESE SISTERS. Sister Laxton (I was in the MTC with her! She's in Wolfville), Sister Broadhead (Halifax), me (sorry I happen to be wearing that outfit in every picture...), Sister Nelson (take a good look at how beautiful she is), Sister Drew (Halifax), Sister Echols (I was in the MTC with her too! She's in Cole Harbour), Sister Lee (Halifax), and Sister Leavey (Dartmouth). So yeah, you can imagine how great our slumber party in our 1-bedroom-1-bathroom apartment was the night before! But now picture how powerful our kneeling prayers were altogether. I love being a missionary.

Elder WOODbury and Elder Waldie (AKA Francy Bubbles. Don't ask). Givin some sass.
Older pics (when I was with Sister Hart).

Never got over my natural creepiness....

When we went to Bay of Fundy on Canada Day!

.......Sorry you even have to know me, everyone.


Dieppe!!! Whenever they call, I say, "Dyup's callin'." Haha in case you wanted to know...
I'm sorry, ok?!

We were in a scary cave.


Haha being observant....

I was trying to be a photographer I guess.

Got dared to eat fresh seaweed.... Mmmm.
My crab friend.

Elder Call teachin me about the seaweed!


I still haven't even seen a real one, and it's like the biggest Canadian stereotype!
Don't remember what we were doing here....

The Elders, excited for their first baptism (June 29)!

The Veilleux girls' baptism! Evangeline (14) and Eustace (10). Sister Hart and I got to teach them several times. We love them SO MUCH. (And look how cute their little siblings are!)


These are from Elder Waldie's camera.

Stuck in a cave!




It's a good thing I don't have to worry about dating for 14 more months.


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