Monday, September 23, 2013

I think I'm high from second-hand smoking pot.

I didn't know there were like 40 different smells of pot till I came here. I've probably been high my entire mission.

No birthdays this week that I haven't already mentioned, I think!

I can't think of a quote of the week this week! Shoot.

This weekend was Sisters Conference! It was amazing. Thursday evening we left for the mission home in Dartmouth, NS and spent the night there. I saw Sister Christensen again, who I haven't seen since two days after I left the MTC! And I saw Sister Weaver, who I haven't seen since then as well! This mission currently has 28 Sisters, which is incredible, because this time last Sisters Conference (January), we had 8. We are expecting to have 56 by this spring. How cool is that. It was an incredible conference!Friday morning we woke up, worked out together, then went to the stake center for the conference and breakfast. The Newfoundland Sisters had to fly in, so they didn't show up until the meeting was starting, and when Sister Hart walked in I flew at her and killed her with hugs. It was so great to see her again. The meetings lasted all day. They were uplifting and some Sisters... definitely have really strong opinions about things haha. But it was overall really beneficial and we enjoyed ourselves. For supper, we had fish and chips and Sam's Grill or something like that, then we asked if we could all go street contacting together, which was super fun. Some groups sang, some broke into companionships on splits and gave out pass-along cards and invitations. It was really great. We talked to tons of people. After that, we went to the temple at 7:30 to catch the 8:00 session, and we didn't leave the parking lot until 11! We slept hard, then woke up early to have a testimony meeting at the lake across the street from the mission home at 6:30 the next morning, which was amazing and spiritual. We were all wearing matching Sisters Conference T-shirts that Sister Hart's dad made for us, and we bore testimony on missions and the Spirit and the Atonement and the gospel. It was incredible. The Newfoundland Sisters left shortly after that, so I said goodbye to Sister Hart for the last time--she goes home at the end of this transfer (a month from tomorrow or so). It was really hard and really sad. We got back to Riverview earlySaturday evening. We are EXHAUSTED.

Last night we had a really cool lesson with our investigator named Gwen*. When we first met her, she asked us, "What do you believe?" We told her we had a set of lessons we generally teach about our beliefs and offered to teach her. She said, "Okay, but I'm not going to change anything. I'm not going to read anything, I'm not going to change religions. Do not try to convert me." Well, we've been working with her for about a month now, and it took us a long time to get her to start reading and praying. She refused to do it at first. So finally she was really, really slowly progressing. But last night she actually said, "I was praying about it and I decided I wanted to join your church. But now I'm not sure. The point is.... You two are good." BAM! She's got a soft commitment on baptism now for next month. I probably won't be here for it, it's likely I'll be transferred, but I just have a strong testimony of the power of the Spirit. It's so real. It changes people's hearts. It changed a hard-hearted lady who wanted hardly anything to do with us to someone who was willing to make promises with God and change her life according to our beliefs. And she got one thing wrong--we aren't the ones who have been persuading her to be baptized. It's completely the Spirit.

I love you all. The Church is true. I love being a missionary.

Sister Lewis
Scary picture haha, but I have a really great missionary friend who decided to send me a package with a ton of chocolate, a letter, and pictures. I'm a lucky missionary:)

These were GIANT! They were like 6 inches across and 3 or 4 inches talll. The Dieppe Elders (Waldie and Thunot) just barely brought them to us. They're warm. They're delicious. I'm eatin mine now. Be jealous.

Me, Sister Saulnier (who I adore), and Sister Nelfils

About to hit the road for Halifax! Sister Rust (Fredericton), me, Sister Nelson (storm trooper), Sister Olsen (St. John), Sister Coleman (St. John).

Same people, plus Sister Sandberg (Fredericton) next to Sister Nelson.

All the Sisters! And Sister Leavitt. Right after testimony meeting (and singing "Called to Serve" at the lake). I'd name them all, but I want to have a P-day today.

Lookin nasty after testimony meeting and not showering. Me, Sister Nelson, and Sister Judd (Charlottetown, PEI).

Killer companionship.

....And President Leavitt! Haha

Makin salsa for Relief Society.

Sisters at the Halifax Temple!

Horrible picture, but funny story. Once upon a time, almost 5 months ago, Sister Lewis was in her first area with her first companion, fresh out of the MTC. Her trainer, Sister Hart, said, "Hey, could you call ______?" Sister Lewis took out the phone and started dialing the number. And she accidentally started calling home. She hung up before it went through, but she was forever mortified that she'd one day not realize what she was doing and have an uncomfortable conversation. "Hello?" "............ Hey mom."

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