Tuesday, July 2, 2013



Quotes of the week:

1. Elder Waldie--after Sister Hart and I objected when he said we were the best Sisters: "Do I have to read all the anti to know the Book of Mormon is true?! NO!!! Do I have to read the Bible to know the Book of Mormon is true?! NO!!! I don't have to work with every Sister in the mission to know I work with the best! Sisters!!!!!"

2. Me--the Elders had just called us to drop something off at their apartment for them, and then they said we could all grab something to eat really fast afterwards (this was a couple P-days ago). We showed up at their apartment and gave them whatever they needed, then Elder Waldie said, "Okay, is that everything? You can go now." While driving away: "Sister Hart.... did we just get dropped?"

Well the Moncton Ward had two more baptisms on Saturday!!! Evangeline and Eustace Veilleux*, who are 14 and 10, got baptized and confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! It's been incredible to see how much the Lord trusts the Moncton Ward--specifically its young women! The baptism was great. Eustace (I adore her) asked me to give the talk on the gift of the Holy Ghost, so that was great, and I was also the one who got them all dressed in their baptismal suits and helped them do their hair and get redressed afterwards. And then Sister Hart and I mopped the font and the bathrooms and the ward Canada Day BBQ started! We got to talk to several nonmembers there, which was really great!

Gospel Principles teacher and primary chorister.... Those callings will soon be coming to an end:'( I'm gonna miss it, but I'm really excited for the people they're calling (it's weird suddenly being on the inside and knowing everyone's calling beforehand).

President took me off studying French with Elder Call and the Dieppe Elders for a while because he thought it was stressing me out. So I'm back to doing it on my own, which is alright, I'm just progressing a lot slower.
Okay, now I get to talk about Canada Day in the Maritimes!!!

This morning at 10, the Calls drove us (Elder Waldie, Elder Woodbury, Sister Hart, and me) to the Hopewell Rocks--BAY OF FUNDY!!! It was great! It was all foggy and wet and muddy and a blast! Elder Woodbury cut his hand open and was spewing blood; Elder Waldie and I found a ton of snails on a rock, so we put them together to make a snail family for them; Sister Hart and I ran around jumping off of rocks and taking ugly pictures; we all climbed into several dark caves; and I got dared to eat some fresh seaweed too! It was a really great day. I guess I'll send pictures of that if I can (left my cord at home again... sigh). Tonight after P-Day, we'll be street contacting at Riverfront Park (just east and across the street from our apartment) since everyone will be there doing Canada Day celebrations. I am determined to finish learning "O Canada" before tomorrow--I still screw up some of the lyrics. From what Sister Hart tells me, Canada doesn't get as into Canada Day as America gets into the 4th of July, but I'm still pretty excited. The fireworks will be starting across the street from us at around 10, so we'll get to see some, even with the no fireworks rule:)

Tomorrow Sister Hart and I are spending the morning in St. John, which I'm looking forward to!
Alright, I'll try to send pictures here, but love you! Miss you! It's a great day to be a missionary.


Soeur Lewis

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