Saturday, July 27, 2013

Meet my new close friend, Icy Hot.

22 July 2013


I've pretty much told you (parents) everything about my life in my e-mails to you already, I'm short on time, and I'm really distracted because of transfers, so I won't send a big e-mail like I normally do. So I'll just send pictures and the quote of the week and like 2 other things.

Quote of the week:

A conversation between Sister Hart and Elder Trent (Amherst) on the phone the other day--
Hart: What are you up to? Conquering the world?
Trent: Well, yeah.
Hart: You're gonna do all that today?
Trent: Well, no, that's next week's plan.
Hart: Oh, what's today's plan then? Conquering Amherst?
Trent: No, nope. Just conquering the street.
Hart: Oh. Are you conquering Amherst tomorrow?
Trent: No, tomorrow's plan is the neighbourhood.
Hart: Okay, are you taking over Amherst Sunday then? I thought you had to take over the whole world by next week?!
Trent: Well no, Wednesday's our deadline. We have to take over Amherst by Wednesday at the latest. Thursday we'll take over all of Nova Scotia, Friday is Trinidad, and Saturday we'll conquer the world.
Hart: Wow! That's a great goal. Now what are you plans to meet this goal?
Trent: Um, basically knocking lots of doors.

So my new friend's name is Icy Hot. He and I are the closest we've ever been (even closer than when I brushed my teeth with it). He supports me when I'm at my lowest <3 EVERYONE DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO NOT HAVE TO MAKE ICY HOT YOUR BEST FRIEND.

That's it for today haha.


Sister L
Zone Conference on Tuesday (with a million missionaries!!). IT WAS GREAT. Elder WOODbury, Seester Hart, Uncle Waldie, et moi.

I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Meet some of my favorite people in the whole world. #monctonmissionaries

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