Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This girl is on fiyaaaaaaah!

That's right!!!

Quote of the week:

Elder Woodbury--after finishing a delicious cup of vanilla bean hot chocolate we picked up at Second Cup (like Starbucks): "Man, can I get a second cup of this?!"
Sister Hart and me: "Ha ha, Elder. Ba-dum-chow."

Yeah, my life is getting sadder, these quotes just aren't as funny as they used to be.

Let me first say that I am SO grateful for all the mail and e-mails I've been getting recently! Mail honestly makes you go from the lowest point of your day to cloud nine in seconds. So here's a shout-out to everyone who's sent me a letter or an e-mail (especially if I haven't replied yet, sorry!). I am blessed to have such support from home.

Okay, so it's been in the mid 30s here with a ton of humidity, and we have been DYING. Fast Sunday was sooooo much fun;)

This last week, we got to go to St. John for their district meeting, so it was really great to see that zone again! We have zone conference coming up, and sisters conference as well, and I love them because you get to see so many other missionaries! We also had a lot of really great lessons. We picked up a new investigator this week (a mother) and we taught her 6 times in a week! She's finally progressing now, and it's so amazing to see how the gospel can bless her and watch her understand it at the same time.

The missionaries in Greater Moncton all fasted for our ward this week. As part part of our fast, Elder Waldie and I both bore our testimonies in sacrament meeting, and it's really amazing to see how our testimonies have already made an impact in what we were fasting for. The Church is true!!!!

A lot of people have been asking me for tips for future missionaries, so here is what I've got!

1. PREACH. MY. GOSPEL. Everyone says it, but if you can know the principles of chapter 3 before entering the MTC, you will have a HUGE head start in the field. You will be blessed with more confidence and more of a desire to serve.

2. Bring a journal for people to sign. Have your MTC district sign it, your first district leader, your first zone leader(s), your companions. It is a huge blessing to have a record of the testimonies of the missionaries you serve with, and nothing can beat it. It is one of my best possessions.

3. Pay attention to the missionary excitement you feel before entering the MTC. The MTC has the Spirit unlike any place in the world. It is totally unique. You will feel it strongly there, and it will strengthen you through the harder MTC experiences. But when you get in the field, you're switching locations from a place where everyone feels the Spirit all the time, where everyone is constantly bettering themselves spiritually, where everyone has dedicated 18-24 months of their lives to God. And you are going to a place that is in general spiritual darkness. It is hard. Don't lose the MTC fire.

4. Study now. As a missionary, you have 2 hours+ of studying everyday. And you get to know the scriptures unlike any other point in your life because of it. Start now and you will be blessed with more people who are prepared for the gospel on your mission.

5. Pay attention to the MTC devotionals. THEY CAN BE BORING:) But I remember vividly something one of the speakers said: "When you write home, inspire your family with your love." One of the hardest things for every missionary is leaving their family. By writing home and inspiring your family with the Spirit and your love, you are blessing them more than you could by being home. Pay attention to the devotionals and your purpose as a missionary will be re-defined and make not only your life more fulfilled, but the lives as your family as well.

Alright, there's a good start:) I love you. The Church is true. Family, YOU ARE THE BEST.


Sister Lewis

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  1. Sister Lewis,

    You are an inspiration. Thank you for your thoughts and your testimony. Your strength is apparent also in Utah.

    You are in our prayers!