Monday, July 15, 2013


Salut from Canada!!! Lots of people say "Salut" here.

In fact, before I forget, I've been meaning to say this since my second P-day! But here the McDonald's signs (like the giant Ms) have mini Canadian flags in the middle of them and it's really weird. I'll have to take a picture because it's really funny looking haha.

Now for birrthdays!!! I keep forgetting to put birthday wishes in my e-mails. So happy birthday to Krystal Richey, Olivia Tuttle, and Miss Quinnly "Participant" Nilsson!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

AND CONGRATS TO TREY DJ BRIMHALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so weird that all this is happening! Trey, this is crazy. When did we get so old?

Quote of the week:
Sister Hart--while meeting up with the Elders to get the keys to the chapel: "Sister Lewis had a mind-blowing experience today."
Elder Woodbury: "Elder Waldie had one too!"
Me: "Oh yeah? What was that?"
Elder Waldie: "MOOSE!!!" (don't worry, all of us were confused, it's not just you)

I am bursting from excitement right now because today is going to be AWESOME!!!!! Before P-day officially ends, we're going to Salisbury to pick up Isabelle*, who is going to be our member at our member-present lessons tonight!!! SO EXCITED! She is too! She's gonna be a missionary tonight, just a couple weeks after her baptism! HOW GREAT IS THAT?! We needed a member to teach 21-year-old Ethan Raymond*. He's single, so we needed a member Sister to come, but none were jumping out at us as someone who would be good to visit a 21-year-old guy, and then we thought of our good friend Heather, WHOM WE LOVE. It's going to be great!!!

I really need to take 6 paragraphs and apologize to the people I still haven't written back..... I can only write letters on Mondays, and between grocery shopping, e-mailing, cleaning the apartment, going to the banque, and running all over town doing tasks for ward members, our P-days aren't really days off:) And so I have really limited letter-writing time and have been doing awful at writing people back! But I LOVE the support, and every letter I get is like a huge boost, and I swear one day I will get on top of it and write back! Thank you!!!

Yesterday was my first Sunday in about a month where I didn't teach Gospel Principles, which was really weird and really nice! I enjoyed not having to pretend I have time to prepare awesome lessons for that class:) They actually called a member we've been working with in getting her reactivated since we got here, and now she has a calling! We're really excited and pleased because she is PERFECT for it.

Also yesterday I did singing time in primary again! It went really well!!!! I love those kids!!!!!!!!!!!! There's a boy in primary named Cameron. He's 7. We've been to his house for supper before, and he likes sitting on the piano bench with me during sharing time, even though he's not really supposed to haha. But he always finds me at church and talks to me and he's super cute. And yesterday after primary, he came up to me really shyly and said, "Here you go. This is for you." Then he gave me this big red heart with a "UR COOL" sticker on it and gave me this shy smile. HE IS SO SWEET! It's one of my favorite gifts ever.

A lot of people focus on baptisms to rate their success as a missionary. I find a lot of joy in getting people baptized and helping them come unto Christ that way, but it's also incredibly gratifying to see someone coming to church again after they haven't been in ages, and it's partly because you've been working with them and visiting them and loving them. And when you help someone come unto Christ out of love, you will always be successful. Maybe not in getting them all the way there, but in getting them a little bit closer to God. And there is nothing that comes close to the feeling you get when you help someone to know their God. That is incredible.

Anyway, I love you all. The Church is true. Now go hasten the work:)

Sister L

(Sister Lewis' little brother asked to see pictures of her apartment.)
When you first walk in the door and look left--dining table and living room.

When you walk in the door and look right--kitchen.

Living room from other angle.

Messy table:)

The office. My desk is the dark one on the right. Haha well by the looks of the wall, ONE of us moved in!

In the office. The giant area map we made. Our area is everything south of Mountain Road, if you wanna look taht up. Dieppe's is everything north of it. We live down there in area 1, close to the river.

One of the only things hanging on my wall

The bedroom. My bed's the brown one.

My nook:)

Our dressers. Mine's the one on the left. Haha this picture's dumb.

There was a car show in Moncton this week and all these awesome cars were driving around! This one was SO COOL!!!!!!!!!

They have this thing called bagged milk here.... What?!

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