Monday, March 3, 2014

Hi.... Umm, I mean salut...


French phrases stuck in my head that won't leave after 4 days in a French area:

"Est-ce que vous avez enttendu parler de cette eglise?"
"Puis-je vous donner une carte de notre cite-web?"
"Pouvons-nous partager ce message avec vous?"

I don't even know how to spell any of that really, my French level is seriously so low! But I can't get French out of my mind and it's taking over my life, basically.

Quote of the week--

Sister Olson: " c'est comme tater tots, mais c'est fait de chick peas."

Oh my goodness, you should've seen the first door I knocked in French. I was so nervous, I felt like I was in training again.

Me: "Hi... Uhh.... Salut. We--I mean nous sommes missionaires de Jesu--de l'Eglise de Jesus-Christ des Saints des Derniers Jours." (looking at Sister Olson with wide eyes to take over the rest of the door)

Yep.... Basically, the first night of knocking in French was reeeeeal rough. But I'm definitely picking it up a little more. Knocking doesn't bother me as much, mostly because I know enough to generally get by and depend on Sister Olson for the rest. But let's just say I was way more skilled as an English missionary, I think. I was really worried about everyone switching to English as soon as they heard my American accent, but I'm lucky because only one person so far has done that after I cracked and broke into English for a minute.

It's certainly intimidating to speak French to people when I don't have much of a French background at all, but it's humbling and it's a good experience. I want to learn as much as I can though, and I'm working hard to get there.

We have a baptism coming up at the end of the month. We are excited!

Coming back to this ward yesterday was AMAZING. It was like a mini homecoming almost. It feels soooo good to be back. And it was crazy, because when I first got to Moncton as a brand new missionary, we started teaching a part-member family with two boys, and they got baptized soon after I was transferred from Moncton, and so yesterday the older boy got sustained to receive the Aaronic Priesthood which was THE COOLEST THING EVER. I don't think I've ever been so proud in my life. I just really love being a missionary.

I love you all. Sorry for a short message this week.

Sister Lewis

(For those who would like to read a little bit more, pop on over to Sister Gochnour's blog!  --Sister L's Mom)

(This photo was sent from the Elder Erickson's mom.)

The next two photos were taken from Sister Gochnour's blog

Sister Gochnour's caption under this photo was:  "I will be forever grateful for this amazing missionary Sister Lewis."

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