Monday, March 24, 2014

Je suis si heureux.


This has been quite the week. I had a great breakthrough with the French this week and am now much more capable. Not anywhere near fluent, but I'm working hard at it. Praying for the gift of tongues everyday. Depending on the Lord to help me when I talk to His children.

Tuesday was my birthday, and I got blessed by friends and family from home, and also by the Lord! Heavenly Father decided to bless Sister Olson and me with some direction to walk down a certain street that night after a long day that didn't feel like we got a lot done, even though we did. We walked down that street. It wasn't even in our area, and it wasn't even speaking the language we were supposed to speak, so we really shouldn't have been there. But we went because we felt like we were supposed to. There was a total of one person walking on that street, and so it seemed like it would be a waste of time. And the person was also walking in the middle of the road instead of on the sidewalk, so it was slightly uncomfortable to stop them. But it was my turn and I stopped her anyway--the sole person on the street.

And she told us she was searching for a church and that she felt like God impressed her to walk down that street when she did. Her name is Dominique*.

We went out of town Wednesday night to go blitz the sisters' areas in PEI for 3 days. Picked up new investigators, trained, talked to a ton of people. It was tiring but felt good. Saturday we spent the first 6 hours of the day either in Skype meetings or travelling back to New Brunswick. We arrived back in Moncton late Saturday afternoon, about an hour before our appointment with Dominique. We street contacted and went to the appointment.

We taught Dominique the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She accepted it, and wasthrilled about it. Nothing made her more excited than to know that this was Christ's church, and that it was being lead by priesthood authority today. She rejoiced when she heard that. She told us God had been preparing her for that her whole life. Then she asked us how she could be baptised by priesthood authority.

Simone* (22) is getting baptised April 12.  Amanda* (28) is getting baptised April 17. And Dominique (24) is getting baptised April 19. The three of them came to church yesterday. Simone introduced herself as "Sister Quartier*" to the ward. She had gone on her first date ever with a guy in the ward this past week. Amanda talked to all the other moms in the ward and asked for an interview with the bishop, just to talk to him about her baptism. Dominique was just bright at church--reaching out to everyone, being excited to meet them, participating in lessons, asking questions, bearing her testimony, reading the scriptures, and just utterly glowing.

Sister Olson and I were out of our area for about 3 days this last week. We were a little stressed to come back and actually reach our goals. But what we forgot about was that this is the Lord's work, and He did His work, even while His missionaries were gone. He prepared people and blessed them. And we are blessed to be the little insignificant tools to bring these people to Christ. It was a humbling experience again this week to see so many people I love be in church, exactly where their Heavenly Father wanted them to be. I have never experienced such great happiness as I've found on my mission. There is a joy that is found by doing missionary work that any other joy can't imitate.

Mon témoignage, c'est simple. Mais je sais que le service est le meilleur moyen de ressentir l'amour de Dieu. Il change mes faiblesses en forces. Je deviens une meilleure personne.

Avec mon amour,

Sister Lewis

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