Monday, March 10, 2014

Je viens des États-Unis​.

Good morning!
Quote of the week--after Sister Olson asked a man in Dieppe if we could share a message with him
Man: "Ummmm... Pas right now."
Classic Chiac, folks.
This week has been a little crazy. I went up to Bathurst for exchanges and worked with Sister Vera again! It was really fun to work with her and in a brand new sisters area. We talked to a lady (in French of course) who worked at a bakery. The conversation went something like this.
Lady: "Et d'où venez-vous?"
Me: "Je viens des États-Unis."
Lady: "....Comment?"
Me: "Les États-Unis d'Amerique?"
Lady: [blank stare]
Sister Vera: "Obama? The USA?"
Lady: [shakes head slowly, confused] "Je n'ai jamais entendu parler de lui avant."
Me and Sister Vera: [dumbfounded]
On my mission, I have been present at one baptism for someone I taught--Isabelle*. Of the people I've had a hand in teaching, 5 of them have been baptized so far. We have 2 on-date for baptism right now who I didn't find and who I haven't taught very much. It has made me really aware of how little the missionary has to do with conversion. For these people, it's taken vastly more people than just Sister Lewis to bring someone into the Church. We have a baptism coming up at the beginning of April, and at least 9 missionaries have had a part in finding and teaching her. Almost all of the young mothers in the ward have fellowshipped her. Most of her extended family are members living in Alberta. They've been working on her her whole life. There have been so many people who have influenced her above the 2 lessons I've been present in so far. Sister Olson and I will probably see her baptism, but that doesn't represent the force behind her--both divine and not--that has helped her come so far.
Love you all!

Sister Lewis
Saying goodbye to Shannon*  (you only say that in a British accent)

Saying goodbye to Cassandra*.

Said goodbye to one of the cutest families of investigators ever, the Boghossians*.  Isaiah on the left and Meron on the right.

A teary goodbye with Sister Hebert.

Saying Goodbye to the Belucci family  :(

Saying goodbye to Paola*....They gave me a necklace and Brazilian keychain and chocolates!!!

Sister Gochnour and I had a bad DQ addiction.  Took one last run together.  <3

And this photo was scavenged by me (sis. L's mom) from Sister Gochnour's blog!

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