Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Harvest is Great, But the Labourers Are Few


Quote of the week--(this was actually a few weeks ago, I just found it and realized I'd never sent it) Elder Dudley, in a bit of terror, after describing a weird contact they had with a teenage girl who seemed too excited to meet with them based on what they talked to her about:

"I mean, for all we know, she could think we're coming over to watch Twilight and cuddle!"

The week was off to a great start after having Thanksgiving dinner with the Harris* family last Monday! I love that family. The week continued with EXCHANGES with my Sister Training Leader, Sister Gochnour!! I absolutely loved it. She is a powerful missionary and it was fun to work with her!!!

On Sunday, Sister Bowden and I were driving to the streets we were going to knock and dropped by the chapel on the way so she could use the washroom. We found the church doors unlocked and several lights on, which meant the last people out hadn't locked up. We walked in and I realized there was no key to lock the door anyway, so we were basically stuck at the church since we couldn't leave it unlocked. So we started making phone calls as it got dark outside, and being in a church at night started kind of creeping us out and we started to hear weird noises in the church. So we got a little paranoid and were wondering if someone had gotten in during the hours the church had been unlocked. And then I noticed the men's washroom on. And I KNEW there was someone in there. There are always tons of kids up to no good who hang out right outside the front doors, and it was obvious that someone was in there. So I quietly pointed it out to Sister Bowden, and I grabbed her wrist (she did NOT want to come with me) and we made our way over to the men's washroom. We kicked open the door and BAM! No one was there. So we laughed kind of hysterically because we were so freaked out and went back to call more people for help. While we were waiting, we pulled out the phone to video ourselves and document how freaked out we'd been when we checked the men's washroom. So we took it out and video taped what it was like for us to go check and when we opened the men's washroom again, I realized as I was video taping that the person who was in there could've just been standing inside one of the stalls on the toilet so we couldn't see his feet! So I said, "WHAT IF HE'S ON THE TOILET?!" and we both screamed and ran out the door and waited in our locked car while Bishop came to check the church and lock the doors for us, laughing at us and making screaming noises as he did so, just to tease us. The end.

Haha on a more uplifting note... We found 2 new investigators this week--Daniel* is 17 and good friends with a fairly recent convert in the ward. He really wants to make changes in life to come closer to Christ because he feels bad that he hasn't been to church in a long time. It's neat seeing someone so young desire so much to come closer to God.

This week was killer!!!!!!!!!!!!! In Canada we have this thing called Kijiji which is like craigslist, and so we put ads up for people to get free Book of Mormons, free Bibles, etc. (the type of thing they can order for free on We've had a couple cool things happen from it, but this is the first thing that's been super LEGITIMATE from it!! Her name is Susan*, and she texted us for a free bible. And usually that ends pretty lamely because they're Christian and just want a bible and nothing more. But she came to the church to pick it up on a night where we had YSA, mutual, and the family history centre was open, so there were tons of people there laughing and being super welcoming and she said it felt really good. Then we gave her the bibles and started introducing the Book of Mormon to her as a companion to the bible and she got more interested and wanted 2 copies so she could give one to her uncle who loves studying the bible. And then our on-date investigator, Sam, showed up at the church for YSA and we got him to come bear his testimony to Susan* about the Book of Mormon and he told her he was preparing for baptism and she got SUPER interested! And so we had an appointment with her a couple days ago and it was AMAZING, she'd already read all of 1 Nephi and believed it was true and is on date for baptism, November 29!! It was so cool!!

Mary-Elizabeth is doing great! She had a really big question come up in her lessons this week and she actually fasted about it yesterday in church. Amazing.

It's just been humbling to see all the people who are being prepared! Heavenly Father's hand is SO in their lives--isn't it amazing how many people there are and how involved He is in answering the simplest of prayers? He loves us.

He wants so badly for His children without the gospel to have it. He has been preparing them and giving them experiences their whole lives. HE WANTS IT FOR THEM MORE THAN ANYTHING! That is His work and His glory!!!

Look for the people who need the gospel! The harvest is great but the labourers are few!!


Sister Lewis

(Sister Lewis didn't send any pictures this week, but Sister Gochnour posted one on her blog!)

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