Friday, May 10, 2013

Letter From the Mission President

8 May 2013

We received a letter from Sister Lewis' mission president telling us that she and the other missionaries arrived safely in Halifax about 8:30pm on May 7th.  They arrived on time, as scheduled and only lost one piece of luggage which was apparently some kind of mission record!  They took photos, tracked down luggage and went back to the mission home where they ate a late dinner of chili, buns, and ice cream.  In the basement of the mission home, there is a huge dormitory that sleeps 14.  For the second time in the history of the mission, there were more Sisters than Elders.  So the six Sisters stayed in the basement dorm and the Elders stayed on the top floor near the mission president and his wife.

They got up in the morning at 6:30, ate breakfast and were interviewed and given their assignments before going through the Halifax temple.  During the interview the temple president found out more about Amber, our family, and her feelings about the Canada Halifax mission.  He explained to her about the different areas, how the mission was organized and gave her some information about her first area and who her companion would be.  She will be serving in Riverview, NB which is near Moncton.  Her companion's name is Sister Hart.

After the temple, they went back to the mission office to finish the orientation and to eat dinner.  Then they were sent out on their first proselytizing experience!

The mission president expressed his feeling that Amber arrived prepared to serve the Lord.

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