Friday, May 10, 2013

A Mes Parents:

May 6 2013

So I'm leavin in the mornin!  And I thought I'd send one last letter while postage is still cheap.

It's 10:55am and I just finished packing.  Both my bags are 63 pounds combined haha so I don't think the overweight fees (they have to be 50 pounds or less) will be aproblem.  Tonight I'll go to bed at 10:30 and I'll wake up at 2:30 to hit the travel office in 2M and get on my shuttle to go to SLC.  And yeah, my flight leaves at 6, which you already know, so this is pointless.

The mail still hasn't come today (it usually comes around 5pm), so I won't know about any mail or packages you send me until later.

I wanted to send my camera memory card home before I left the MT, but...I lost my camera a few days ago.  I finally filed a report for it this morning since I've been checking the lost and found every day.  Pretty stressed and bummed and upset with myself.  So if you could send any prayers my way, that would be awesome.

Now that all the crap's outta the way, I'M SO EXCITED FOR CANADA!!!  This time tomorrow I'll be in Dallas or on my way to Toronto--can't remember.  I'd have to stand up and walk 3 feet to grab my flight schedule.  But I have some BoMs I wanna place in airports and some passalong cards!  You guys, I'm pro, so don't be surprised if my first converts are from Dallas or Toronto  ;)

Yesterday, for fast and testimony meeting, our branch (which is just the 2 districts in my zone) all bore our testimonies.  It was so powerful.  Afterwards we were all bawling because teh closing song was "God Be With You Till We Meet Again."  YO.  Why would they choose such an evil song to sing days before leaving the MTC forever?!  I will miss the spirit of the MTC, but not much else haha.  And I'll miss my district.  Last night Elder Terry  gave me a letter and told me in it that I've been like a sister to him and that he loves me...AWW!  So I miss my brothers!!!!!  You know, the ones I'm related to.

Speaking of which...Moriah, John, Chi, Calvin, Malcolm, Lydia, and Elise...How are the chores goin'?  MWAHAHAHAHAHA  SUCKAS!!!!

So I realized how lightly I pack when I've been done packing and doing my laundry for 1/2 an hour when all the other Halifax Sisters have several hours ahead of them still...Yeah.  It's okay to judge them.  Plus they all have to pay overweight fees for their luggage.

I have a trillion letters I wanna send off today before Canada makes me pay a million bucks per letter, so I guess I should end this.  But I LOVE YOU and will be thinking of and praying for you from Canada!!!  Thanks for saving my butt 3 times with packages  :)  (My comp just left to weigh her luggage and on her way out said, "I think this will weigh about 30 pounds..."  Yeah, she couldn't even lift it.  And she had to sit on it to zip it up hahaha weirdo, I love her.)

Oh and daddy, I've been thinking of 19 year old you here like you told me to!  Dang Pippy, I talk to everyone about your mission.  They're probably sick of you!  MISS YOU!

And mama, today I was telling everyone stories about you and how you're in love with the chiropractor...I an't imagine how much you miss me, because I miss telling all your friends on facebook you call me an idiot child and well, we all know you just got pregnant again.


Couldn't stop looking at your pictures this morning!!!  Alright, I really gotta go!  I'll talk to you again FROM HALIFAX!!!

Love love love,
Sister Lewis

PS.  I brag about my siblings to my roommates all. the. time.

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