Friday, May 10, 2013

Call from the Airport in Toronto

(We got a call from Sister Lewis the day she was travelling from the MTC to Halifax.  We're just making some notes of some of the things she told us in that phone call.)

7 May 2013

On the plane form SLC to Dallas she talked to a Salt Lake Bees player who was interested in learning about missions and missionaries.

On the plane from Dallas to Toronto she talked to a Quebecois Elder who taught her some Quebecois.  She commented on how strange the accent was--that the vowels were all pronounced differently and that they used a lot more slang.

She was very excited and tired.  She finally fell asleep at 12:30 but had to be up at 2:30 to get to the travel office and head off to the airport.  She hadn't eaten anything all day and was starving.  When she finally got off the phone with us, she was going to scarf down a donut before boarding the plane.

She noted how ethnically diverse Toronto was and that she loved hearing the French.

Sister Starkie yelled hi to us and Amber teared up when she heard Sister Starkie greeting her family on the phone because of how sweet it was.

She mentioned to us that she had lost her camera.

The total letters she received in the MTC was 32.  And six (?) packages.

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