Monday, July 21, 2014

To all the 40-year-old women who were jealous that I was getting called to the mission with Prince Edward Island... this one's for you.

Quote of the week:

While street contacting, I stopped one girl while Sister Thompson went on to contact someone else--
Girl: "....But I'm not from here."
Me: "Oh, me neither! Where are you from?"
GIrl: "Ontario. I'm just up here for the summer."
Me: "Just to visit, or...?"
Girl: "Umm no, I'm actually Anne." (points at giant poster of Anne of Green Gables downtown)
Me: "Uhhh.... Wait what?! Really?!"
Girl: (laughing) "Yeah."
Me: "Oh wow. So, do you go to a church here then??"

Hahaha you know you've been a missionary for a while when you meet a celebrity and the one question you HAVE to ask them is what religion they are.

This week was a great one!

Welcome to Charlottetown, where...
-it smells like the ocean.
-there's always a breeze.
-there are foxes everywhere.
-seeing people downtown dressed up like they live in 1867 is normal.
-everyone downtown has an ice cream cone from Cow's Creamery.
-everyone is a redhead.
-most people outside aren't even from Charlottetown.
-you swallow a mouthful of water whenever you breathe.
-the dirt is red, the fields are green, the skies are blue.
-there are huge, old trees that make it feel small-town and relaxed.
-we're not the only girls riding bikes in dresses.

It's beautiful here. At the beginning of my mission, I wanted to serve in PEI during the summer, and here I am! It's paradise.

Best Moments of the Week
1. A conversation we had with a couple from Halifax.
Me: "...And so we know that Christ's own church is on the earth again today--"
Man: "You really believe that, don't you?"
Me: "I do."
Man: "I can tell. I can feel it."

2. Charlottetown Ward's annual Strawberry Social.
Fresh strawberries on top of biscuits and homemade whipped cream. 35 adults and kids playing a giant soccer game all evening. Tons of mosquitoes. Blue and yellow sky. "Pass it to Elder!" "Stay on Sister!" "Elder, pass!"

3. Searching for new investigators.
A text we received from a single mother this week who we are having a really hard time getting in contact with:
"I have been really wanting to get together and talk about Jesus, but with a single parent of three kids my time is spent. I do have Mondays and Fridays off. Can we try again?"

There are really people out there looking for the truth. The field is white, already to harvest. I know that. And I'm gonna go harvest this week. I love it.

Sister Lewis

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