Monday, January 20, 2014

It's a Hard Knock(ing) Life

Happy birthday to everyone whose birthdays I can't keep track of anymore! At the beginning of my mission, everyone told me that the longer you're out, the more forgetful you become. I am living proof of that. Forgive me!

Quote of the week:

Sister Gochnour (while knocking doors late one night): "Okay, I hate to bring this up right now, but I saw that we have some chocolate sauce in the fridge, could you make hot chocolate out of that, or is it just for chocolate milk?"

I have the weirdest companion! She's the best though. Sister Gochnour turned 19 in September and graduated from Olympus High in 2013. She's bright and confident and excited to be a missionary! We are one pumped up companionship and I love her to death. I'm pretty blessed to be training her:)

Last Monday, Sister Vera and I were knocking and we found a university student named Laura* who is in her mid-20s. We set up a return appointment with her and went back to see her with a member on Wednesday, and taught her the Restoration and got her on date for baptism on February 8! We are excited for her potential and look forward to continuing to work with her!

Sometimes, here in the wonderful Maritimes, we meet some very endearing people. Especially when the only place there are people is in the tiny, old downtown, or in their homes. Here are some conversations we've had in the past week while knocking and street contacting:

Me: "....Have you ever heard of the Church before?"
Woman: "Yes. Well, my own church."
Me: "Oh! Which church is that?"
Woman: "Do I have to give you that information?"
Me: "No, that's okay. I'm just trying to get used to the churches that around here in Fredericton because I'm pretty new to the area. Have you been here long?"
Woman: "I'm sorry, these questions are too personal. You're going to have to leave." (shuts door.)

Sister Gochnour: "Have you seen missionaries like us around Fredericton?"
Man: "Yes, I have, and you're just about as bad as [another church]! You're really getting on my nerves! Your missionaries keep stopping me!"
Sister Gochnour: "Oh, I'm sorry about that, that's just what we do as missionaries! What we believe makes us so happy that we want to share it with people."
Man: "Well I'm just not interested! But you have really nice teeth, and your friend here too. Did you two get a dentist back at home?"

So there's a little taste of what missionary work is like as a sister in the Fredericton South area:)

It can be discouraging at times, but I always remember my Saviour, and that He went through the same rejection (but worse) as I do. Except He was a PERFECT missionary, who always knew the right things to say. And the people still did not realize that He had the truth. But He wasn't discouraged or frustrated. He was just filled with a sincere love for the people He knew. And I'd like to think that despite some rude encounters, and being yelled at and laughed at, and despite the people who slam the door or who spit at my feet, and despite the times where the rejection gets to you so much you don't want to continue, I still have a sincere love for these people and want the very best for them. It's something I can always improve on, but I love the blessings that come from developing a charitable, Christ-like love towards people, even when they don't love me all that much in return.

I think my mission was the best choice I have made in my life.

My "hump-day"'s coming up. These last 9.5 months are going to be the best.

I love you all! (And keep the letter's coming, please:))


Sister Lewis

Casually street contacting in downtown Fredericton.  We had just got rejected by an old man who loved our teeth.

Just CHILLIN' in the Canadian snow....Get it?

Baby Shower!  Be careful who you invite...Sister Lewis may just win the clothes pin game.  (I totally did.)

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