Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Computer Crash

This is Sister Lewis' mom again.  Her computer crashed before she got he chance to send the big email.  But she did get some photos off this year.  I'm also taking the liberty of posting a few updates that she emailed to us separately.

1.  On Thursday, her current companion is being transferred someplace else and Sister Lewis will be getting a brand new companion fresh out of the MTC to train.  Her companion is a native French speaker and Sister Lewis is excited to speak more French.

2.  Fredericton got its first snowfall this past week and Sister Lewis was so happy because that means the temperature warmed up.  She had been suffering through freezing rain and wind cold enough that at the end of the day, the missionaries were sore from shivering.  She assures me that the snow was warmer and with no wind and less wet, she is much more comfortable.  Before the snow temps were around -38 (which is about the same in celsius and fahrenheit)!

3.  She opened the first two presents from our Christmas box--a nativity set and a Christmas CD by the Mormon Tabernacle choir.  She says it makes their apartment much more Christmasy.

4.  Last week was the Relief Society Christmas dinner and she and her companion performed their own arrangement of "Lord, I Would Follow Thee" and then she played the piano for some carol singing and the bishop also asked her to conduct the ward in singing hymns at the ward Christmas party this week.

5.  She's excited for the First Presidency Christmas Devotional and says that these devotionals are what missionaries' dreams are made of!  Everyone else will be watching it on their computers at home, but the sisters and elders will be in the Relief Society room watching it at 9pm while it snows outside.

6.  Her new favorite Mormon Message is this:

7.  The following three photos were sent to us from one of the senior couples serving with Sister Lewis.  Apparently, they had spent one Sabbath afternoon together and when the couple got home they found these surprise photos on their iPad.  The subject line of the email was "Love these Fredericton sisters."

The Hendricksons bought us all matching turkey slippers haha!

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