Saturday, April 27, 2013

First Day in the MTC

April 24, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DWANEE!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!! Stay away ladies.

So...coolest day. EVER! I was just gonna wait till P Day to write, but that wont be until NEXT Thursday (Not tomorrow), so I guess today works since it's been the craziest, coolest day!!!

My companion is Sister Christensen! She's a superhero! I met her when I met my district, like 20 minutes after I god dropped off. She's 20, and yesterday she finished her last final at BYU! Umm, what a trooper! She's hilarious and cute and we get along awesome!

OH MY, so I forgot sneakers...Haha could you send 'em? I'm livid. And my hangers haha. And s/o to Mommy and Moriah for leavin me stuff in my luggage, sneaky devils! Mom, I'll read it when I need it and get homesick! Moface, you are the best. I'm glad that you're still dressing me even after I move out, haha!

My district rocks! There are 8 of us, 4 elders and 4 sisters. There's me, Sister C, Sister Falaula (California Oakland/ San Fran), Sister Oswald (same mish), Elder Terry (same), and 3 other Elders...Can't spell 2 of their names, and can't remember the other dude. I mean Elder. They are awesome! And we met a couple of our teachers too, but I can only remember Brother Rudd's name :) Anyway, Sister C and I are teh only ones in our district going to Halifax. But they're all sweet and hilarious and make awesome comments in class! San Fran will be 600x cooler with them.

Oh, and daddy, there's a Sister "Tout rouge" here haha! Goin to Calgary I think!

Orientation was good, then dinner! It's definitely cafeteria food, but the cookies and ice cream? AMAZING. I know that's bad, but whatever. AND I FINALLY SAW SISTER STARKIE!!! We gave each other giant hugs, then we found the rest of the Halifax missionaries (6 of us total) and ate together! Sister Starkie's companion is Sister Echols. She's almost 21 and is the nicest Sister ever (I keep wanting to say "lady" or "girl" or "dude" but that's not allowed...). Sister Weaver's almost 21 and is from California! Super nice and funny. And her companion is Sister Laxton, who I like a lot and is awesome. -Sisters Starkie and Echols are in my zone! And Weaver/Laxton!

I room with Sisters Christensen, Starkie, Echols, Falaula, and Oswald. We get along perfectly and have a blast!

So missionaries I've seen! Sister Reese, Elder Garrett Smith, Elder Lambson! It was sooooo great to see people I know! Oh, and Elder Preston Felt. So sweet. I've yet to see Elder Regehr and Sister Ward!!!  Can't wait (although daddy, I guess if you're right, the MTC will burn down as soon as Elder R and I realize each other's existence here :))

Soooo many classes today! Way long! Even during big group lessons, when everyone's quiet, it feels really loud because of the Korean/Japanese translators! yeah. There are like 15 from each country and it's sooo cool!

I'm starting to get to know other missionaries too, random Elders or Sisters I talk to during lessons or something.

Anyway, it's almost lights out, so I gotta go! But I'm lovin it here and am learning a ton!!!  There's a Quinn look-alike here and I almost gave her the biggest hug...which wouldn't have been that weird 'cause everyone here is super huggy and HAPPY!!! Sheesh, the happiness is so cool!

But I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I MISS YOU!!!!! Thanks for gettin me on my way! Someone give Calvin, Malcolm, and Lydia giant hugs for me, then run and give Elise a kiss and sing her the lullaby! I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Sister Lewis

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