Monday, April 22, 2013


Welp, this is Amber, and I guess I'll post something before I leave Wednesday!

Saturday night I had people over to say goodbye before my farewell Sunday morning. I wasn't able to get pictures with everyone who came, but here are just a couple pictures from it. I love my friends.

Three peas in a pod...?

I grabbed Quinn's butt.
I guess my farewell went well (I tried to make a pun outta that but nothing was coming to me) on Sunday. I had family over afterwards. Here are some pictures from that. And since I was lucky enough to be throwing up all morning before my farewell and sleeping it off right after sacrament meeting, I hereby apologize for lack of pictures and general frumpiness.

THANK YOU to everyone who's helped me get on my way to Canada! I said this before, but I feel pretty dang lucky to have friends good enough to make saying goodbye so hard.

Write me!!!!! See you guys in 18 months-2 years:)

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