Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Last Days as a Full-Time Representative of the Saviour Jesus Christ

Last dinner appointment with MaryAnn* and Sister Brentwood*. I love them sooooooo much! They made me feel ridiculously loved.

SAM'S* BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Raymant, Elder King (who baptized Sam*), Sam, me, Sister Bowden

The sisters with Sam!!!

Susan* and me. I love her so much. We had such a special relationship. She is going to make a rock-solid, killer member next month!!!!!

Me and Julia*!! The amazing member-missionary who bore her testimony to Sam* over and over again until he'd meet with the missionaries! I will miss her.

Me and Susan* again:)

Susan Laurent*, me, and Blake Laurent*. Some of my favourite people on planet earth. STRONG, loving, smart, spiritual, funny, faithful, sacrificial, brave, happy. I love them to death. This couple was one of the hardest parts of going home.

Lauren* (one of the YSAs in the ward) and me.. with Susan* photobombing in the background!
This was taken in the Halifax airport the morning I flew home. Ryan (from China) was baptized in Halifax earlier this year, and he served a month-long mini mission in Sydney (NS) and Charlottetown! So we served together for a couple weeks! He was an amazing, happy missionary and was so fun to serve with . He came to the airport with gifts for me and Sister Starkie and to see us off. He is so great!!!

Saying goodbye to Sister Bowden Thursday morning. My third baby!!!

What my plane ride home looked like... "All these things shall give thee experience."

Sister Starkie and I had a big discussion about this on our flight from Chicago to Salt Lake. Powerful. I didn't want that discussion to end.

We were feeling lots of mixed emotions on the flight home.... Not to mention we were dead tired and over-emotional because of it haha.

But then we saw MOUNTAINS for the first time in 18.5 months when we were flying into the Salt Lake valley and it was SO EXCITING!!!!!

Me, Sister Starkie, and Elder Clark. We were feeling weird and SO EXCITED to see our families when we got off the plane!! On our way to see our families, we were about to round the last corner when we looked at a cafe to our left and saw Tad R. Callister sitting there with his wife!! So we went and introduced ourselves to them and talked about how we had just been reading our favourite quotes from one of his talks on the plane! It was so neat! He told us he could tell we were dedicated missionaries and then kicked us out to go see our families.

Let me introduce you to the 9 reasons I ever missed home on my whole mission.

The newest RMs from the Canada Halifax Mission in Salt Lake.

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