Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Lost Files!!

(This is Amber's mom.)

While she was in the MTC, Sister Lewis lost her camera!  :(  She looked everywhere for it and submitted a report about her lost camera, but it was not found before she left the MTC.  I checked back with the MTC for the first couple of weeks after she left and we sent her a new camera.  But we were all devastated by the loss of the photos that had been on the old one.  There were videos of her and her sister before she left plus all of her photos from the MTC.  And she felt just awful about losing the camera and the expense of it all.

But a little over a month ago, I got a call from the MTC.  They had found the camera!  It had fallen behind one of the lost and found drawers and when they finally decided to fix the drawer to see why it couldn't shut, there was her camera!  I copied all her photos to my computer and sent the camera and SD card on to her so she could see and have those pictures, too.  Not to mention the camera, because it was a much better camera than the one we replaced it with.  And I have permission to post any and all of the photos on it!

This batch of photos were taken at her goodbye party, the night before she gave her final talk in church.

With Matt and Quinn.


Grandparents!  (who are now serving their own mission in New Zealand!)

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  1. The pics of K and H made me cry. What a blessing that they were there!