Monday, October 28, 2013

Don't have a lot of time to send the big e-mail today, so the pictures with long captions will have to suffice!

Last P-day.

 Elder Evanson behind me and Elder Campbell behind Sister Sandberg.

I was feeling dead sick, and sister Sandberg thought it would be funny to take a picture of me on the couch. Haha.



We had Stake Conference for the New Brunswick Stake over the weekend (which includes part of Maine). This sweet girl, Stephanie* (8), worships sister missionaries and wants to serve a mission so badly, so she asked for a picture with us:) Did we feel like celebrities? Why yes, yes we did.

I look a little scary in this one. But during the adult session of Stake Conference  on Friday night, we were having a REALLY spiritual, powerful, (and missionary-themed!) meeting. There were about 24 missionaries there total. President Spragg got up towards the end of this powerful conference and said, "Well, the First Presidency for this Stake Conference specifically asked for missionaries to attend, so I asked President Leavitt which missionaries we could hear from tonight, and he chose for us to hear from some sisters, so we'll be happy to have Sister Lewis and Sister Sandberg come up and bear their testimonies now." UMMM OK THANKS PRESIDENT LEAVITT. So we walked up and each bore our testimonies on missionary work. After we sat down, President Spragg spoke and we closed the session. Immediately afterwards, tons of members from across the stake came to us and thanked us for our testimonies, hugging us and telling us that hearing from us was the highlight of the meeting. Let me just say that it was incredibly humbling to have at least 10 families from Maine ask if the two of us could come be their sister missionaries (Maine only has elders right now). This couple has a particularly touching story, and he took us aside and told us his incredible conversion story which was so powerful. At the end he said, "You sisters keep being faithful. You keep being faithful. Because of 2 faithful missionaries, I know about my Saviour. Because of 2 faithful missionaries, I am sealed to my sweetheart forever." We all were touched and crying because I think at that moment, we were all reminded of the "divinity of this great and marvelous latter-day work." How great is my calling!

Hahahahaha trying on costumes at the Wilsons' * house last night for our ward Halloween party this Wednesday night. They thought I'd make a good Cleopatra.

Hahahahaaaaaaaa too funny too funny.

We checked the meal calendar where members sign up to feed us and saw that the elders signed us up for lunch with them today! Haha they've been preparing it for a long time, and we think it's mac and cheese with hotdogs.... Hahaha we're a little nervous.

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